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Common Railroad Accidents

At REDDY LAW, we fight for people with serious injuries. In the past almost 30 years, Brian Reddy has successfully represented people injured in many situations.

Examples of Common Railroad Accidents

  • A conductor was seriously injured when he fell from a moving rail car. 
  • An engineer was hurt by a broken locomotive seat. 
  • An electrician was injured when he jumped from a locomotive about to collide with an oncoming train. 
  • An engineer was injured when he jumped from a vehicle about to collide with a semi on the highway. 
  • A conductor who tripped on debris in the yard at night. 
  • A conductor fell on unstable ballast. 
  • A conductor was injured when his train did not stop due to a radio communications failure. 
  • An engineer who inhaled diesel exhaust. 
  • A conductor was injured removing a faulty end-of-train device (EOT). 
  • A carman hurt while lifting an EOT. 
  • Train crews were hurt in motor vehicle collisions. 
  • A conductor hurt applying/releasing a faulty handbrake. 
  • An engineer was injured after slipping in a locomotive cab. 
  • A conductor hurt using a brake stick. 
  • A worker was hurt when a remote-controlled locomotive collided with his train. 
  • A worker whose foot was crushed when a moving car ran over it. 
  • A worker whose arm was crushed while riding a bulkhead lumber car. 
  • Worker injured at night due to poor lighting in the rail yard. 
  • Worker who died from Mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure. 
  • A worker was hurt when her train went into an undesired emergency brake application. 
  • Worker hurt on the faulty switch. 
  • Worker hit in the head by air hose gladhand. 
  • A worker was hurt when a railroad limo' driver fell asleep while driving on the highway.